FlowFlora Probiotic Capsules

FlowFlora Probiotic Capsules

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How FlowFlora Works

Some people believe that all bacteria are bad but this is simply not true. Our microbiome needs good bacteria too digest food, extract vitamins, send signals to the brain and to support a healthy immune system. 

Sugar, processed foods, gluten, emotional stress, chemicals and antibiotics can all contribute to the growth of bad bacteria in the gut. Having too much bad bacteria can lead to IBS and mental health effects. 

You can get probiotic bacteria from expensive fermented foods like kimchi or drinks like kombucha. 

Taking a probiotic supplement like FlowFlora can also replenish your gut with 4 studied probiotic bacteria strains.

How To Take FlowFlora

I take one FlowFlora capsule in the morning with my breakfast and one at night. Probiotic bacteria works best when you take it with PREbiotic Fiber so I always make sure to eat PREbiotic foods along with FlowFlora. Oats, Dandelion Greens, Chicory Root, Asparagus, Barley, Burdock Root, Garlic, Bananas and Onions are all great PREbiotic foods. FlowFlora capsule also contain PREbiotic fiber.

Taking FlowFlora with your meal is fine since it uses Matrek-Bi Pass. This allows the capsules to survive harsh stomach acid and populate deep in your gut flora.The bacteria in some other supplements does not even reach your gut.

Do not exceed more than two capsules per day and I would recommend for people to start out with one capsule per day to let your Gut Flora get used to the billions of new probiotic bacteria.

365-Day Money Back Guarantee 

I'm so confident you will love FlowFlora, that I am committing to a 365-day refund policy. Simply email aliciaharper21@gmail.com with your order number if you're not happy and I will process your refund.

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